“Since beginning immunotherapy, I have had fewer challenges with allergy related symptoms and a much improved quality of life during the summer months.”

Rick Sommers

“I started allergy immunizations in 2009. Before that, I had several sinus infections a year. Since starting treatment I have had very few, if any, sinus infections. I’m very satisfied with my experience.”

Janelle R.

“I started allergy testing 3-4 years ago, before I started I would sneeze 20+ times in the spring and would be scared to go outside! I can honestly say now I have made drastic improvements and can now go outside without swelling up and sneezing in spring time!”

Bryant J.

“I suffered terribly from year-round allergies and sinus problems for years and tried everything from over the counter medicines, various doctors, and even acupuncture. All of these attempts usually provided temporary relief from my symptoms (sneezing, watery eyes, headaches, itching, and sinus infections) but nothing gave me any long-term solutions.

I scheduled an appointment with Central Missouri Ear, Nose, Throat, Sinus & Allergy after getting a good reference from a friend. After my initial appointment and allergy testing, which was painless by the way, I discovered I was allergic to almost everything they tested me for, with the exception of just a couple of things. Finding out I was allergic to so many common pollens, animals, molds, and spores, I assumed I was doomed to suffer the rest of my life.

Skeptically, I religiously took the daily prescriptions I was given and got my weekly allergy shots. Over time, I noticed that my symptoms had gradually lessoned in severity and eventually I only had a brief day or two of mild problems. I was also pleased to see the prescriptions did not make me drowsy or jittery the way some of the over the counter medicines had in the past.

I’ve now had a couple of years under the care of Dr. McDonald and his staff and each year after my allergy re-testing, we’ve discovered that I am getting less and less sensitive to my allergies. I am gradually building up my natural immunity against the little monsters!

I’m very thankful that I’m now able to live much more comfortable and continue to make progress with my allergies. The weekly shots are painless and even if they did hurt a little, the staff is so friendly and caring that it would still be well worth it.”

Thank you so much!

Scott Marion